Rosie Cheeks read by Maurice Thank you so much 

The Privy, Toilet Trolls....

T'was sordid that thought

Midwinter handed a lit

Oil lamp Glowing

Showing the way outside to the shiny black paint of

The toilet door

Lift the latch....clunk! as your eyes scoured the darkness the bushes

For bogey men, trolls and murderers

Place lamp on window sill Put small buttocks on the winter chilled toilet seat


Heart beats at a quickened pace

As a small scared face gazes

Out Eyes foraging the white painted walls

For spiders and daddy long legs

Anything that crawls

And flies 

And eats small, small children

Eyes down on two chubby little legs

Distant from the floor

And go girl go!

As quick as you can

As the sounds and rustles blown outside are Definitely

The bogey man

He's coming after your guts and gore


Push little lady and try to be gone


The doors ripped off its hinges

And you are dragged into the abyss

And they will all read about


The little lost Miss....

Toilet Trolls Read By Jonathan Johnson
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