Hockerall High

This is a link to the article written on me 2018 in The Leigh Times, which was one of the most amazing things to happen to me up until that point 



My name is Karen, I am a self  taught artist who has an absolute passion for what I do.

I was born in an alternative existence in Brighton, Sussex to a devout Hippy father who encouraged me away from education although I loved learning & received a scholarship to a very affluent Boarding School Hockerall High in Bishops Stortford in Hertfordshire. Where I had a wonderful time but left due to family difficulties.

I am the middle of five girls and we are part Canadian Native according to my Dad.

My main interests in Art is Kinetics, how everything affects what surrounds it ie light, movement, shade, contact weather objects etc

One of my paintings 4:50 (Mother holding child) was catalogued by The Tate Britain, I have had a book cover published and in 2018 my then local paper

The Leigh Times http://www.leightimes.co.uk/article.cfm?id=113987&searchyear=2018 wrote an article on my work.

I love creating characters which are lively, quirky, humorous and endearing.

As a child pictures encouraged me to read and being  introvert they took me to places I would mostly avoid.


All I hope to make children smile and feel the same comfort and excitement I experienced.

I am continually developing and learning. I don't  think that should ever stop.

Illustration of boy dragging double base musicia

I grew up in a small sea-side resort in the Southeast of England, with my sisters and I. We were quite uncontrollable & wild as our father encouraged us to rebel and query everything. 

Homework was banned and playing outdoors  encouraged and embraced.

I shall not tell you any more as I intend to write a book on my very unusual childhood.

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