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Hello this is my 1st independent blog although I have written some for some fellow #LinkedIn patrons on a few issues although my favourite was when instincts and art meet. Being a visual monster my life evolves around creating from imagination instinct peace and nature.

Being introvert and socially awkward I use my art and writing to illustrate my inner thoughts emotions expressions and struggles and achievement's. I am active and dedicated in my belief that children race through books that have personality filled characters that they can relate to in their own way with humour and complimenting the written style dependant on intended age group and target audience.

Sometimes I practice fine art others I just let loose and enjoy memories imagination and get lost in the experimental side where getting engrossed and not worrying about the big picture i am often pleasantly surprised in this technique I am also very involved in literary pursuits and i am actually blushing as I have no idea what I'm doing right now but my favourite motto is SHE WHO DARES WINS

I am currently working on completing my first big book although my agent has the manuscript for my baby bedtime book. I am located in a small seaside resort in the UK not far from ~


london #Southend #Essex and am just about to become a #smallbusiness

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