Toad's Pillow ....

How I yearn to write of adoration
Pattering heartbeats and Rose petals on pillows
And my how my stomach billows
At the thought of you
As freshly washed sheets in a springtime

But the brutal truth
My poor valentine
There’s not one romantic bone in this body of mine
Just lust care and drudgery
A tad of trust between I and thee
Never could fill my basket with all mine eggs
Childhood prepared me with starter gun legs
To deal with things in survivor mode
Yet still my darling you kiss this toad ....
Rosie Cheeks

When did the children stop embracing

The wind in their hair

Downhill racing, bright orange skies

With no due care

When did they all go home and scrub up their smiles

No longer free spirits to roam

With hours to while

Away with friends down by the railway track

Find a new hiding spot

Sharing cheap wrappered snacks

Whispering secrets

And a fight for their space

What happened to good ole fashion dirt

Smeared as a memoir, now replaced

By sterile little ones

Squashed within dry stone walls

Electrical wizardry

Beats, muddied deflated balls

Why did the children decide now

To stay at home

No longer free spirits

Til dusk out to roam

No longer bicycles skipping ropes

And girls chewing gum

High heels on tiny feet Impersonating mum

No longer unkempt hair pursing their friends

No longer blood brothers

Promised to the end

Poor little ones gaze at a two dimensional spot

Wish they'de step outside

Rosie cheeks the vision that time forgot

Death of a Tear
The fresh tear, heavy with meaning and purpose 
Travels southbound upon my warm skin.
Full of reason and pain, I watch 
Distracted by it's beauty
Questioning its lifespan as I do the life in my love

First it rushes with gusto, confidence
Only to slow eventually at an undefined moment
For no real reason, with no apparent explanation
(as in my love) It petered to a dribble
And unaware of it's poignance

It died...... 
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